Why Hire a Walker?

There are many reasons dog owners choose to hire a dog walker. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite/most popular reasons:
  • Peace of mind that your furry friend isn’t alone for the entire work day (and you can enjoy your lunch break instead of rushing home!)
  • Providing relief for the dog/puppy who cannot comfortably hold it for an entire day.
  • Boredom busting! A dog left at home all day can quickly become bored, and bored dogs can lead to disastrous (and potentially dangerous) results.
  • Mental/physical stimulation. If you’ve had a long day, you can take comfort knowing that Fido has been out and about in the world. Ready to take the pup for an evening walk? It’s icing!Catching issues early, from loose stool to a limp – your dog walker pays close attention during the walks and will be able to report anything out of the ordinary. This can be helpful in early detection, and you can be ready with the critical details for your vet. Your dog walker can also help keep an eye on pre-existing issues, so you can be in the know if something is getting better or worse. This goes for training goals, as well
  • Sometimes owners are unable to walk their dogs through no fault of their own, whether it be a bad flu or physical limitations. Dogs can still receive their much needed walks with a dog walker.
  • Shaking it up! Your dog walker will likely take routes that you don’t, and will expose your dog to environments that they may not have otherwise seen. This is great mental stimulation!
  • Because we love them! From puppies to seniors, most dogs appreciate the chance to relieve themselves and receive some extra TLC during the day while the family is away.

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