COVID 19 Update

We will remain open during the state of emergency to provide essential services to the pets of Peterborough. As per the list provided by the Ontario government, Pet services may remain open if they provide for the welfare of animals. (see item 71 on https://www.ontario.ca/page/list-essential-workplaces#section-17) We feel that exercise and fresh air is very important for a dogs physical and mental health, so we will continue to walk for those owners who do not have the time or ability to do so themselves.

To help prevent the spread of this virus, all walkers will only be using our own leashes, waist disposal bags, and vet approved dried liver treats. * Thank you to the Invisible Fence Store (https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Pet-Service/Invisible-Fence-Of-South-East-Ontario-366204343474986/) for supplying us with high quality pet care equipment*  All walkers will also sanitize their hands, before, during, and after each visit, avoiding contact with any surface as much as possible.

Together we will stop COVID 19 in its tracks!

Professionally trained & insured

We offer personalized walking and care for your dog from your home. Long days at the office or away from home don’t need to be stressful.

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Trust The Crate Escape

We provide comfort and companionship for your dog.  We offer customized visits for your furry family member to play and walk, have their water or food dishes filled, and relieve themselves. For puppies, geriatric dogs, dogs post surgery or dogs that can’t walk, we offer visits to play, let outside, fill water or food dishes and of course provide a whole lot of love!

Professional and attentive crate-escaping services

Tailored by you and ranging in length of time include:
  • Bio-breaks for numbers one & two
  • Care and feeding as instructed by you
  • Leashed walking for visits of 30 minutes or more
  • Clean returns; paw & coat wiping following messy walks/play dates
  • News from the hydrant; personalized report provided to you following each visit
  • Overnight pet & house sitting for existing clients (based on availability)

Since 2013, We’ve been doing what we love and it shows!

Locally Owned and Operated since 2013, The Crate Escape PTBO and all of our walkers are dedicated to providing the best possible care to every dog that crosses our paths.

Our Amazing staff are True Dog People, Professionally trained in pet first aid and dog behaviour, who provide love and care to every furry friend we meet.

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We Put The “Meow” in “Meowgical”!

Our Custom Care can also include your cat.

Need some one to keep the food dish full and the litter box clean while your away?

Have a destructo-kitty who needs a good mid-day game of lazer tag or they’ll shred the toilet paper while your at work?

Come home to a clean house and happy furry friends!

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To find out more, navigate to About us, Our Walkers, or Services and Pricing. if you have any more questions or wish to engage our services, please Email [email protected] or click the Contact Us button below.