Rain or Shine

 It’s all about your dog! 



        Professionally trained and insured, The Crate Escape is proud to offer a trustworthy service provided by true dog people.  Anybody can put a leash on a dog, but we believe there is a difference between a dog lover and a dog person.  Our walkers have attended seminars on topics ranging from dog body language to multi-dog households.  We all have years of experience in working with dogs, whether it be training, rescue work, or simply dedicated and professional walking.  Click on Our Walkers to learn more, or About Us to learn more about the owners.

Wendy, Sage and Isla

15 Min. Bio-Break

Give your pup some fresh air and a chance to relieve themselves somewhere other than your carpet.

$12 Per Visit


30 Min. Mini Walk

A nice light walk, some sniffing here or there, and some good old fashion exercise.

$21 Per Visit


45 Min. Value Walk

Our most popular package!

Get the most bang for your buck with our full Crate Escape package, Customize-able to meet your pup's individual needs.

$25 Per Visit

Wendy and Dogs3

1 Hour Trail Special

our pup will just love this luxury walk, complete with VIP transport too and from one of the beautiful trails in and around Peterborough where they can frolic to their hearts content. **Hour includes drive times**

$30 Per Visit

Book 5 Visits/Walks a week and receive a $15 Discount!

*Excluding Bio-Brakes*


Addisional Dog(s) from the same household:

$5 Per extra dog for each visit


Evenings and Weekends Premium

$5 Per Visit


Statuatory Holidays:

$10 Per Visit

**Additional costs may apply to customers outside Peterborough City limits. Please Inquire for further details if required.


NOW AVAILABLE: Kitty-Cat Services!

Some cats are content sleeping the days away while their human slaves are at work, while others shred toilet paper and pee on your bed as a punishment for leaving them all alone...If your fury best friend happens to be the latter, give us a call!

All visits are tailored to meet your pets needs and can include:

-play time,


-litter and accident clean up

-meals as specified by you

-harness outings for those felines who need a little fresh air

For more details, please Contact Us using the link below


To Learn more or book a Meet and Greet with the walker in your area:

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