Truly dedicated, well trained, Dog People.



Wendy has been training a variety of dogs for over thirty years while enjoying an assortment of dog sports. Her volunteer work has been extremely fulfilling as an instructor for local obedience and flyball clubs. She has attended a number of seminars including animal behaviour, reading dog’s body language, first aid for dogs, scenting and obedience.  Along the way, she has discovered the power of positive reinforcement with both dogs and cats. Wendy’s current Australian Shepherds have earned advanced titles in Agility, Rally-obedience and Flyball. Her other hobbies all include her dogs with skijoring, freestyle disc dog, dock diving, swimming, scent detection, tracking, walking and building trails in her 99 acre woods or just curling up with a good book. 



Nicky has been a professional trainer for over 5 years with hundreds of success stories to go with it. She is certified in Doggy CPR and has attended seminars on animal behaviour, reading dog's body language and obedience. She has a love of all creatures great and small and has spent her life raising everything from geckos to rabbits to cats and dogs.  Her hobbies include woodworking, painting and of course discovering new trails with her Aussies Ollie and Lincoln. 



Lynn has been walking with The Crate Escape from the beginning, and has worked with almost all of the clients! She takes a calm and positive approach that dogs absolutely love, and enjoys the rich relationships that grow from that.  Lynn is a firm believer in force-free dog training, and her gentle touch on walks, whether it be through the wilderness or downtown, ensures that dogs are safe and happy.  Lynn is currently working with a few very shy Crate Escapers, and it has not taken her long to get them to come out of their shell! Lynn has attended Joan Weston’s Fangs But No Fangs seminars on dog body language, multi-dog households, dominance myths, and reactivity in dogs. .



 Team-member since 2017, forestry technician student, and passionate citizen naturalist, Alec brings a love of nature and the outdoors and a lifetime living with and caring for dogs to The Crate Escape. Alec believes strongly in dogs’ individual personalities and dispositions, and demonstrates dedication and effort to communicating and engaging with the dogs in his care. By working with you to learn your dog’s unique personality and needs, Alec is able to make every visit or walk a safe, enriching adventure for your companion.

Alec’s availability extends into the weekends, enabling him to provide peace of mind for all those weekend trips where you may not be able to bring your dogs along for the ride. Alec has also volunteered providing dog-walking and care-visits at Peterborough Humane Society, radio-frequency tagging five-lined skinks in Queen Elizabeth Wildlands provincial park, and recording urban tree inventory in the City of Kawartha Lakes. 



 Tamara is a bubbly energetic animal lover with a life time of experience training both dogs and cats (yes cats can be trained too!) She was raised in a house hold full of four legged family members ranging from a small fluffy American Eskimo to big active Alaskan Malemute and even a Miniature Horse. Such a wide rang of pets has taught her to appreciate each animals individual personality, strengths and weaknesses as well as the power of patience,  persistence, and positive reinforcement. She has also enjoyed assisting her mother (and co-owner) with her many dog sports and agility since the time she could walk.

Today Tamara brings all that knowledge to every new relationship with all her fluffy friends and looks forward to making many more. Her greatest accomplishment is her smart, sassy little girl who is already carrying on the family legacy of animal enthusiast and dreams of being a zoologist. She often enjoys joining her mother and grandmother on walks to meet new furry friends during PA days and is playfully called The Crate Escape's Junior Walker in Training

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