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Wendy - cropped

Wendy has been training a variety of dogs for over thirty years while enjoying an assortment of dog sports. Her volunteer work has been extremely fulfilling as an instructor for local obedience and flyball clubs. She has attended a number of seminars including animal behaviour, reading dog’s body language, first aid for dogs, scenting and obedience.  Along the way, she has discovered the power of positive reinforcement with both dogs and cats. Wendy’s current Australian Shepherds have earned advanced titles in Agility, Rally-obedience and Flyball. Her other hobbies all include her dogs with skijoring, freestyle disc dog, dock diving, swimming, scent detection, tracking, walking and building trails in her 99 acre woods or just curling up with a good book.


Lynn has been walking with The Crate Escape from the beginning, and has worked with almost all of the clients! She takes a calm and positive approach that dogs absolutely love, and enjoys the rich relationships that grow from that.  Lynn is a firm believer in force-free dog training, and her gentle touch on walks, whether it be through the wilderness or downtown, ensures that dogs are safe and happy.  Lynn is currently working with a few very shy Crate Escapers, and it has not taken her long to get them to come out of their shell! Lynn shares her home with her Jack Russell, Riley.  Lynn has attended Joan Weston’s Fangs But No Fangs seminars on dog body language, multi-dog households, dominance myths, and reactivity in dogs.

Alec Dog Walker

Alec is an Environmental Studies student at Fleming College with a lifelong interest in nature and conservation, as well as a passion for animals – from the domestic animals that share our homes to local wildlife and beyond. Alec has been the primary caretaker of his family’s dogs throughout his elementary and secondary school years, and has been helping friends and family with walking and watching their pets all his life. Alec strongly believes in communication with dogs as individuals with unique needs and dispositions, and makes the effort at all times to pay close attention to the ways in which dogs communicate their behavioral needs and states through posture, vocalization, and general attitude – the best way to keep a dog safe and happy is to create a safe and happy environment based on an individual dog’s needs! He wants his working relationship with the dogs in his care to be based on positive reinforcement, routine, and trust.

As he is returning to school for the 2017/18 school year, Alec is excited to take on any evening or weekend visits!

Morgan - dog walker

Morgan lives just outside Peterborough with her fiance and their family in a country home. They have two children, ages 10 and 3, as well as their dog Chase who is a 4 year old mix. Morgan grew up in Havelock on a 100 acre hobby farm, where she became very involved with different animals including dogs, horses, cows, chickens, and a donkey. Growing up her family always had dogs and she believes they gave her family a special bond. She grew up playing in the outdoors and continues to love being outside enjoying sports, nature and family.

Morgan enjoys going for walks and taking photos of whatever surroundings she can get her eye on. Living in the country she strives to be outside as much as possible with her family. She feels it is an important part of our every day lives not only for us but for our fur babies as well. Morgan strives to give your dog a positive, fun and energetic experience while walking. She is gentle and uses positive reinforcement when walking your pets.  Morgan is reliable, trustworthy and devoted to your pets’ individual needs.

David - dog walker

David is thoughtful, energetic and passionate about all dogs, with a special love for the big ones. Hunter is David’s rescue Cane Corso, and he often cares for his best friend’s adopted Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, Cooper, as well. He comes from a previous career in private security and brings from that industry a safety and situational awareness oriented approach to walking dogs.  By minding the dogs demeanor and surroundings he finds opportunity to use proactive redirection and positive reinforcement to guide dogs safely through situations they may find stressful. Always prepared to get off trail and in the woods, or explore urban neighborhoods David always looks to provide the most rewarding and stimulating experience possible to suit the individual or group of dogs.